Master’s Freediving Course

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Master’s Freediving Course

This summer, Tropic Scuba and Stavros Kastrinakis will bring you a Master’s class intended to teach and challenge you to dive deeper, longer, and safer using techniques learned directly from world champion freediving instructor Stavros Kastrinakis. Stavros is a current world record holder for variable weight freediving (Nov. 2015 to present), 12-time Freediving National Record Holder in Greece in all depth disciplines, and world-class instructor.

Duration: 4 days of theory and diving.

Max depth: 40m/130ft.

Group size: Maximum 4 participants with Stavros during water training. (8 students during classroom.

Target Participant background: Experienced Spearos with at least Level 1 and preferably Level 2 certification for open water freediving.

Goals of the Master’s course: Improve your technique and performance. Fine tune key aspects of your freediving such as breathing, finning, and buoyancy. Explore advanced techniques to be used in your spearfishing such as variable weight spearfishing, lung packing for equalization, stretching for easier equalization, and avoiding barotrauma.

Location: Classroom and water training will take place in Islamorada, in the Florida Keys.

Fees: $1500 per participant.

Day 1:

Morning Theory – Breathing, relaxation techniques, stretching for increased lung capacity.
Afternoon Dive – Finning Technique, streamlining, safety procedures, buddy system for deep spearfishing.

Day 2:

Morning Theory – Deep Equalization techniques (Frenzel, Hands Free, Mouthfill), Understanding your Lung Volumes for deep spearfishing, avoiding lung and ear barotrauma in deep spearfishing.
Afternoon Dive – Deep Equalization Techniques, Mouthfill equalization exercises, Deep Rescue Techniques.

Day 3:

Morning Theory – Variable Weight Spearfishing – Equipment / Technique / Safety Precautions, Advanced Equalization Techniques – Packing and Mouthfil.
Afternoon Dive – Variable Weight freediving, acclimatization with equipment, technique, safety, buddy spearfishing with Variable Weight, Packing equalization practice.

Day 4:

Morning Theory – Implementation of all advanced techniques in unison, in depth look at equipment for deep spearfishing, summary of course content.
Afternoon Dive – Cont. Variable Weight freediving, combining advanced techniques stretching, packing, mouthful for maximum performance, comfort and safety, advanced rescue drills.

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